Why Satellite Communications

Satellite communications is the only means to truly global coverage and not only provides remote workers in harsh and rugged environments constant contact with the corporate LAN, but allows them 24x7 access to their families and friends back home.  

  • Instant infrastructure: provides ability to communicate independent of nonexistent, damaged, or congested terrestrial networks
  • Connectivity: enables end-to-end connectivity for voice, data, IP, GPS, and offers guaranteed throughput for streaming video
  • Mobility: provides voice, data, IP, and GPS services on a range of devices from kits with multiple phones to single-user handhelds.
  • Global: allows access whatever the geography, conditions, or local infrastructure.
  • Streaming: guarantees data rates up to 450 kbps for live video, videoconferencing, and store-and-forward capabilities.
  • Mobility: easy to set up and carry, mobile satellite communications solutions easily accompany anyone on the move.
  • Remote access: enables onsite reporting teams to use email, internet, VPN and vocie from a single terminal.
  • Security: enhances onsite teams security with 24x7 instant access.
  • Download real-time weather reports, shipping information, and oceanic charts.
  • Send images and video.
  • Integrated applications allow full communications. Need a spare part? Send photos of defective parts to a supplier and use your phone to find out how to repair them or order supplies -- all before arriving in port.
  • Constant contact with family via phone, email, SMS, and fax.
  • Surf the web, stream video, and use social-networking applications.


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