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When lives are at stake, the need for stable global communications is critical. Few organizations find themselves in more remote and/or hostile environments than NGOs. Their missions often require a presence in places where modern telecommunications infrastructure does not exist. From training and education to information dissemination and emergency response, NGO offices must have reliable two-way communications, an easy-to-use system, and Internet connectivity.


Remote Connectivity: Whether long term or as a first responder, UltiSat provides complete voice, data, fax, Internet and IP services to ensure complete connectivity to an organization's LAN, other relief organizations, and government agencies.

Fast & Efficient: Our quick deploy solutions contain light, easy-to-use equipment and services that speed up relief operations independent of the state of the terrestrial infrastructure.

Security: Satellite communications is the most complete 24x7 solution for keeping staff safe in remote and unstable environments.

Mobility: From a single headset to an office in a box to a comprehensive VSAT network, UltiSat solutions are easy to carry, assemble, and redeploy when on the move.

Instant Infrastructure

Aid agencies need instant infrastructure that delivers mission-critical global communications for secure voice, video, and data networks to any location, especially the most inaccessible or devastated environments. Using a combination of VSAT terminals and terrestrial resources, UltiSat can supply NGOs with instant infrastructure that can be deployed quickly and will provide reliable communications to remote workers and field offices. Not only do UltiSat networks facilitate the day-to-day operations of field offices, but they can also provide a morale-boosting link back to family and friends for the aid workers.


Among its solutions, UltiSat offers ultra-fast, quick deploy antenna systems which are fully contained in airline checkable cases. These kits are ideal for emergency first responders, disaster recovery, mobile offices, and occasional or permanent satellite communications. Each weighs less than 50 lbs. and is easy to transport by air into remote and challenging locations. UltiSat will partner with you to assess and develop a tailored solution that best suits your needs.


Applications For All Your Needs

UltiSat provides a complete range of applications that supports the diverse goals of NGOs.

  • Data, Voice, & Video
  • VPN
  • VoIP
  • Video Conferencing
  • Streaming Video
  • Broadband Internet
  • Distance Learning & Training
  • Encrypted Networks
  • Email & Internet
  • Remote SCADA Monitoring
  • Speeds up to 120 Mbps Downstream
  • Emergency Quick Deploy Systems

More Information On Our NGO Solutions

UltiSat's global infrastructure and technical expertise means we have the reach and know-how needed to design large-scale, complex networks anywhere in the world.

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